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Poll Results: Fave Female Character

The last poll I posted was to see who is your Favorite Female Character on OLTL? Only 1 vote per IP address was counted (a few votes were thrown out because someone voted more than once.)

This time there were 437 votes (a few more than the last poll)

Fave Female Character on OLTL?

Viki-----> 18% (77 votes)
Dorian--> 9 % (39 votes)
Blair----> 12% (54 votes)
Natalie--> 40% (176 votes)
Jessica--> 6 % (25 votes - 3 votes thrown out)
Starr ---> 10% (43 votes)
Marcie--> 5 % (24 votes

Next Poll: Fave Male Character?



Getting Better (Weekly Commentary)

I admit it, OLTL is slowly getting back to being very good. To think, just two weeks ago I was fast forwarding through almost entire episodes because the show was that bad. There was plenty of GOOD to talk about this week so lets get the complaining out of the way first.

Most Evil Character Ever?????????

So this week Farah Fath and John Paul Lavoisier have been extremely vocal about their current storyline. They have gone on record commenting about the character of Stacy Morasco, in fact Farah has been quoted several times saying "Stacy is the most evil character in the history of soaps, ever" and "I predict she will be the most hated character ever." REALLY???? Is this for real????

I hate the character of Stacy, I have said from my very first blog that this is a totally useless and unnecessary character and she is flat out boring, but seriously that judgment by Farah and John Paul is slightly misguided, a LOT misguided. Stacy is what you call a TYPICAL soap vixen. Is she evil? Is she hated? Is she useless? Yes, yes and yes, but I will tell you what she is not, she is NOT the most hated and the most evil character to ever hit daytime. The fact that JP and Farah seem to think that Rex and Gigi are the be all and end all of the soap universe to the point that anyone that causes them any trouble is the worst thing to hit the soap world is not only naive but also a bit ridiculous. Stacy is on the show, THAT my friends is how Rex and Gigi got another storyline, because lets be honest here, before Stacy came knocking, Rex and Gigi were back burned.

Calling Stacy the most hated character in daytime is absolutely ridiculous. No offense intended, I may not like Rex and Gigi but I have met both actors and am very fond of them. Stacy is not even CLOSE to being the most evil character on daytime, I have a boatload of characters that are a thousand times worse than Stacy. Todd Manning anyone? How about Viki's alters like Tori, Jean and Nikki, those three inflicted a whole lot more pain than Stacy will ever come close to. How about Tess and Bess? They are attempted murderers, have drugged people, are kidnappers and baby thieves, surely that is much worse than anything Stacy has done. Then there is Asa Buchanan. What about the biggest villains to hit OLTL like Spencer Truman, Victor Lord, Carlo Hesser and oh yeah Mitch Lawrence, who is possibly the biggest of them all. How about other daytime bad boys like Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan? Lorenzo and Luis Alcazar? How about Adam Chandler or any number of the other bad guys on other daytime shows. Seriously Stacy cant even begin to compete with any one of these people so to Farah and JP I would say, I realize you love your characters but really folks, tone it down a little, people invariably root for the person everyone tries to force them to think is the worst thing ever.

Who Is The Serial Killer?

So John is investigating the killer. Did I somehow miss the episode in which he rejoined the force? I should expect this though, John has a habit of sticking his nose where it does not belong. The sad thing is, John is a horrendous cop when he ACTUALLY IS A COP. I wont even start on Michael giving confidential reports to this jerk who had no business having them. So now I assume McBoring will fall back in love with Marty just in time for Blair to wake back up and want her man back. Really I could care less about John McBain and his complete uselessness. This is one character that really needs to go because he literally brings the show down. I will just continue to hit that FF button when I see him.

Starr and Schuyler!
YUCK! YUCK! YUCK! Seriously how is this a good idea on ANY LEVEL? Starr has made such great judgements so far in her life so lets give her yet another one, was that the idea behind making this girl even more irresponsible than she already was? She has made one bad decision after another, one bad judgment after another and now she want "more" with her teacher? This has to be a sick joke.

On with the good!

Good and Bad!

Every story has the good and the bad right? I like when different stories intersect because I think Ron Carlivati does a good job with it. Like Matthew's paralysis and Shane's cancer. I wont even pretend that I care even a little about Rex and Gigi's new drama but I have to admit that the Rex and Bo scenes this week were made of all kinds of awesome.

Bob Woods and John Paul were brilliant, I have always like Rex and Bo together, it's just went you inject Gigi with Rex is when I hit that FF button. Bo and Rex's pain over their children was incredibly evident and the scenes were heartbreaking good. Kudos to the actors and writers for this.

On the other side of this coin was Gigi. I love Farah Fath, and I think she is fantastic with light hearted and comedic stuff but drama is not her strong point at all and it pains me to watch her version of a "grieving/heartbroken" mother/woman. It is just NOT good and unfortunately TPTB insist on sticking this woman with the kind of material that she cannot handle. It's not fair to her and honestly it is not good to watch. I wish they would just let Farah do what she is best at, and that is comedy, romance and overall light hearted material.


So now Jared and Natalie pretty much know that Chloe is really Hope and that Jessica's baby is really dead. I have to say as much as I was not on board with this storyline, so far I am liking it. I like when SL's connect several characters and this one connects a whole lot of them. Starr, Michael, Marcie, Cole, Marty, Jessica, Natalie and Jared are all involved and affected by this. I am surprised though that this storyline seems to be as heavily revolved around Jared and Natalie as it does Starr and Marcie, while Jessica just seems to be a bit on the outside right now. I am not complaining though because I think Jared and Natalie are fantastic and I want them on screen.

I liked the scenes of Jared and Natalie coming to this terrible realization that baby Chloe is really Starr's baby Hope. John Brotherton and Melissa Archer were great with their reactions, Natalie had a down right disgusted look on her face when she realized Bess had switched Jessica's dead baby for Starr's healthy one. It is also clear that Natalie is very much affected by this as well, Natalie and Jared have really bonded to baby Chloe and now they are afraid they are going to lose her. Starr and Marcie's pain is just as obvious and all 4 of these characters are going to suffer from this secret but it makes for great drama.

I realize that this is a soap and there is no way that this secret is going to come out to the rest of the town now, no way. This secret is going to be dragged out and milked for all it's worth, in typical soap fashion. I am ok with that though, because I feel Jared and Natalie are likely keeping this secret to protect Jessica who is just about the weakest, most pathetic character in daytime. Seriously the TPTB do a fabulous job of making this nut job incredibly weak and pathetic, the girl cant handle anything life throws at her and she belongs in St. Ann's.

Standout Performance!
Once again the performer of the week was Hillary B. Smith. She has been absolutely mind blowing with all this stuff with Matthew's paralysis. I LOVED her lashing out at Marty for a second time, telling her what a terrible mother she has been and that she practically drove her son to take drugs. It is true, Cole was already dealing with Marty's amnesia and having lost his daughter and girlfriend and in a time where he needed his mom more than ever, she was too busy shacking up with strangers and feeling sorry for herself to be bothered with being a good mother. Then when Nora broke down and started weeping, that was just an incredibly powerful scene and I have to say Hillary B. Smith has turned Nora into must watch once again for me.

She has knocked every scenes straight out of the ballpark. I loved when she walked into Cole's room to arrest him and found out that he had went to visit Matthew. I thought Nora was going to slap Marty when she was screaming at her telling her she did not care about what Cole "needed" since he put Matthew in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Cole needs Matthew's forgiveness???? Uh yeah, Matthew needs his legs but he wont have any use for them for a LONG time now will he?

On a final note, Good for Tea, she dumped Todd like a bad habit. She should have. I am really enjoying Todd so much more these days then I did just a few months ago, but lets face it, he is a lunatic and Tea SO does not need that.

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Favorite Couple Poll

Well I posted a Poll 2 weeks ago asking who was your favorite OLTL couple. Only 1 vote per IP address was counted just to get a clear picture of which couples people really like. I am so happy to see that there were 431 votes, thank you to everyone who participated, I appreciate it. Results below.

Favorite OLTL Couple?

Viki and Charlie ----> 12% (51 Votes)
John and Blair ----> 1% (4 Votes)
Starr and Cole ------> 10% (41 Votes)
Jared and Natalie ----> 60% (257 Votes)
Rex and Gigi ------> 8% (34 Votes)
Jessica and Brody -> 7% (29 Votes)
Nora and Clint ----> 3% (15 Votes)

Thank you so much for participating in the last poll. Here is our current poll question.

Favorite Female Character on OLTL?



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The Difference A Week Makes (Weekly Commentary)

WOW, what a different One Life To Live it was this week. I feel like it's finally starting to improve, one thing is for sure, OLTL seems to be finding it's mojo again. It might have a little something to do with having on more than those 8 characters that so many are sick of. Still way too much Rex and Gigi for my taste but we will get to that.

Welcome back Nora!

I have to start with the best part of the entire week. I said last week that OLTL finally did something right with the big Cole/Matthew car accident and I have to say again, it was brilliant. I am not as high on Eddie Alderson as some are but he is not so bad, I just feel like he has not really gotten to dig into a SL to be praised for yet.

One of the things I loved about the fall out from this accident is that it brought Bo and Nora back together, not romantically, just together as parents fighting for their kid. The look on Bo's face when he found Matthew lying on the ground unable to move was down right horrifying. Even worse was the look on his face as he watched Michael poke around Matthews legs and get absolutely no reaction from the kid. It was the look of the coming devastation. Bob Woods, Hillary B. Smith and Eddie Alderson were amazing with the scenes.

I have to give a special shout out to Hillary B. Smith, she was absolutely brilliant this week. I felt her pain every step of the way. What I found odd was how Marty just came to Nora and said "Oh by the way Cole was on drugs tonight." What in the world was that? She seemed completely unaffected by it she just said it just like that. Nora's reaction was must see though. She yelled her head off straight in Cole's face and shook him like an animal as she was screaming and crying for answers. How could Cole have done this to someone who idolized him and looked up to him like a brother? The look on Nora's face when she learned that Matthew was telling the truth about not smoking the pot and that Cole had let Matthew take the blame for his drug use, WOW! Nora was on fire, yelling at Marty to stay out of it, it was between Nora and Cole, Marty was nowhere to be found when Cole needed a mom so she has no right to interfere. Then Nora went on to yell at Starr, Markko and Langston for their part in Cole's drug abuse. Hillary B. Smith nailed every single scene. Big Kudos to her and to the fantastic writing for the scenes. Welcome back Nora, you were missed.

The Old Todd and Starr!

The fall out from Blair's stabbing has also been fantastic. I could have completely lived without ever seeing John anywhere on the scene but everything else was great. I LOVED the scenes between Todd and Starr, well before Starr went off the handle about how she almost forgot what Todd did. Such wonderful father/daughter scenes were ruined by that. For a few scenes I felt like the old Todd and Starr were back, Starr was angry but at the same time she and Todd talked and for once they REALLY listened to each other for a few scenes. My heart broke when Todd started saying he could not believe that Starr would ever even ask him if he tried to kill her mother. Is Todd capable of murder? ABSOLUTELY, but it was heart breaking see a daughter ask her father to swear he did not try to kill her mother. Todd felt like someone punched him in the guts and I felt for him. I have never been the biggest fan of Trevor St. John (Roger Howarth fan and all) but I have to say that for once I understood his acting choices, I loved it in fact.

Kristen Alderson has turned into a good little actress herself. I feel like she is WAY over the top at times but sometimes she really nails it and I loved the scenes with Starr and Todd, they were completely heart breaking. It just made me realize that this is one relationship that seriously needs to be repaired. I also loved the scenes where Starr went to Blair and begged her to come back to them because she needed to be able to talk to her mom again about everything wrong in life. The fear of losing her mom was incredibly evident and Trevor and Kristen really knocked it out of the park. Dorian was another one who had me all week long. Dorian always deals with things in her own special way and accusing Todd and Ray was classic Dorian, as was threatening both of them. I feel like they actually made Dorian human when she actually admitted that she feels like Todd did not do it, that had to take a lot for Dorian to admit. I also kind of see something between Dorian and Ray that could actually work.

Third Party for Boring Couple = Fast Forward Button!

Really OLTL, I know you like to show the "new" skin by having all the newbies walk around shirtless but seriously no one needs days and days of Stacy walking around in her underwear and bra. It's not cute, it's gross. I cant comment too much on this because I FF'd through most of the Stacy/Rex strip scenes. I watched maybe a combined 10 minutes of it and I have to say Stacy is an evil and useless character and Rex is just a big ole tool. Stacy is supposed to be angst for Rex and Gigi, problem is I could care less about Rex and Gigi AND Stacy. I did watch the aftermath though once Gigi found Rex and Stacy together. It was obvious that Gigi was not really buying Stacy's explanations but she also did not believe that Stacy drugged Rex. So tell me again, since Gigi did not believe Rex, why in the world did she shoo Stacy away and crawl into bed with Rex? Here is a thought, you just found your boyfriend and sister in bed, KICK THEM BOTH TO THE CURB. How about that?

Then comes the reveal that Shane has cancer. All I can say about that is Dear PTB, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop giving Farah Fath dramatic material to work with. She is so terrible at it that it is sad to watch. Farah is great with the light hearted stuff and the comedy, I will even give her the romance (though Rex and Gigi have nothing and are boring,) dramatic is not Farah's thing, AT ALL. It's no offense to her or anything, she simply is terrible at it and the fact that TPTB continue to give her dramatic material that she has absolutely no clue how to handle is just a shame.

Shame on OLTL!
I get that OLTL has this constant need to do controversial stories and that is great, I actually admire that about the show because I feel like someone needs to do it. However, a teenager hitting on her teacher is not one of those SL's that should be done at all, especially since that teenager has already done the unprotected sex/teenage pregnancy thing. It's incredibly irresponsible. If it were Langston doing this, I would have hated it but it would not be as terrible. Starr is already someone who is not even close to being a good role model and has done a lot of things and shown a lot of poor judgement. There is no need to make her even more irresponsible than she already was. Like I said, the teacher/student thing is something that never needs to happen on soaps again, its just a new level of disgusting.

Boring Couple #2 Alert!
OK seriously, the only thing that bores me more than Jessica and Brody at this point is Rex and Gigi. Really we do not need to see Jessica and Brody have one boring conversation after another and Jessica following him around town like a lost puppy dog. Brody said it best, Jessica needs to stop baby sitting him, she has 2 children that need her undivided attention. Seriously Jessica, how about try to be a good mother for once, because so far Jessica sucks as a mom. Lets see, she basically caused her step daughter's car accident by engaging in some incredibly "skanky" behavior, she put her irrational need for revenge over the needs of her own children, basically killed her own kid and now does a fantastic job of neglecting her children just so she can chase around some guy who ALSO has mental issues. GREAT MOM! It would not be so bad if I felt like Brody and Jessica had an ounce of chemistry, they just bore me to tears.

The Secret is Out!
So Natalie and Jared have figured out the truth now, seems they are the only bright people left around the Buchanan's, how no one else could notice that Jessica's premature baby came out looking like a full term one is beyond me. I will say though that this is going to bring some good drama and I am glad that Natalie and Jared are right in the middle of it. Personally I think the two deserve a great new storyline but until that happens, I am glad to see them onscreen. This is one couple I find interesting even when they are doing nothing. The looks they exchanged as they were figuring everything out was great, the wheels were really turning for both of them as Marcie explained everything about Hope and her death. What Jared and Natalie do with this information is yet to be seen, but one thing is for sure, it's a soap so this secret is going to drag on and come out at the worst possible time. That's just the way soaps work.

In closing, this family aspect that has been the running theme this week (Bo/Nora/Matthew and Starr/Blair/Todd/Dorian) has made the show not only watchable about but very enjoyable, my only hope is that OLTL will keep it up.
Happy Weekend!

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Just Another Week In Llanview (Weekly Commentary)

Let me start by saying a big thank you to everyone who commented on the last commentary post and for the many many e-mails I received about the blog. I am so glad to see that so many people are reading the blog even though it's pretty new.
On to the show. I have to admit that once again most of the week was just full of FF material for me, seems someone still has not realized that if the show revolves around the same 7 characters it becomes really boring, really fast. It's even worse when most viewers don't care about at least half of those 7 characters.

Psycho Killer on The Loose!

I admit it, I FF'd all the John and Blair scenes prior to Blair's stabbing, something about John McBain is just nauseating, could be that he is a pig. Honestly though, I know I went into detail last week about how much John McBain needs to be put out of the viewers' misery so I wont go there again but I will say this, NO WOMAN should have to suffer through being with John McBain. Especially not a fan fave like Blair. From what I could gather with all that FF-ing, is that Blair dumped John apparently, or at least was trying to "wash" herself of him. Good for Blair, I only wish it would last but I know better.
Blair getting stabbed was one of the most bloody scenes I have watched in a soap in a long time. Very well done, really. It was like something right out of a "Psycho" movie. I can imagine the different things that will happen from this, the affects on Todd, Jack, Sam, Dorian and Starr. THIS is what I want to see. It will surely create drama and good drama at that.
What I don't want to see is John going back into "detective" mode and trying to crack the case. First off, he is no longer a cop and second he was never a very good cop to begin with, in fact he was pretty terrible at it. He has no business being at the crime scene. Really this has always been a big problem I had with John, besides the obvious annoying brooding and self-loathing garbage that he calls a personality. He is so indecisive, it just makes me want to throw something at the TV. Make up your mind, do you want to be a useless cop or a useless bar owner, either way I have no use for him and wish he would just go away already, enough of this show has been destroyed thanks to McBain.

Speaking of Useless Characters!
Why are we being put through this nonsense with Stacy? Better question, is there anyone out there who gives a squat about Stacy? I remember Crystal Hunt from her GL days and she is a decent enough actress, but this character is completely useless and a terrible character. It does not help that she is inserted into another storyline that is not exactly what I call a "good" or even liked storyline. ABC obviously did not learn from the last time the shoved Rex and Gigi down every one's throats, this time around is not really making ANYONE (that did not like them already) like Rex and Gigi more. In fact, Rex and Gigi are still as annoying as they were back then.

Finally Some Improvement!

While I and many others cannot stand Rex and Gigi, I have to admit that the big accident this week was not only a good move but it will create a ton of GOOD stuff to watch. Maybe now they will just give Marty her memory back and stop this train wreck that has been her annoying life lately.

I am more interested on the Matthew angle though. This is going to be good. Depending on what exactly happens to Matthew, I am sure Nora will have a fit when she learns Cole was drugged up when he decided to go for a little joy ride. I can imagine her going nuts on Marty and Cole. Really part of this is Marty's fault, if she wasn't so busy shacking up with strangers she could have found time to actually be a mother.

Another great thing coming from this is that Bo and Nora are sure to turn to each other during this time, it is their son. I would love to see something come of this, it does not have to be a romance, I just would like to see something other than the endless John/Blair/Marty/Todd/Rex/Gigi/Jessica garbage, and it does not hurt that Bo and Nora are actually beloved characters on this show.

The Baby Drama!
I must say, the only time I find Rex tolerable these days is in scenes with Roxy and with Natalie. I enjoyed the Rex and Natalie scenes. I think Rex and Natalie's relationship always has been and always will be very special and I hope it stays that way because I appreciate that they are always there for one another when they ask each other for help. So now Natalie knows that Bess was at the Hospital that night and not Tess and I imagine that she is going to tell Jared all about this. One thing is for sure Natalie will NOT give up on this now and she should not. Something tells me Natalie and Jared are about to learn the truth really quickly and I cant even imagine what will happen then.
Despite everything that has happened, both Natalie and Jessica really do want their old relationship back and it has to be tough to decide what to do with this kind of information. Does Natalie tell Jessica that her kid is dead (and it is Jessica's own fault by the way)? It's an impossible situation to be in so I suppose whatever Natalie does its going to be right and wrong. Not telling is wrong because Starr deserves to know the truth and at the same time telling will break her pathetically weak sister Jessica. Personally I wish she would just say it because if that gets Jessica back into St. Ann's and off my TV then I am all for it but this is a soap and I know that this secret will linger for months, though on screen it will just be days or weeks. Either way, this is one of the few storylines that I am actually interested in and its not because of Jessica but rather because of Starr and Natalie.
Once again thanks for reading!

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Farewell Antonio!

Below is a look at the latest ABC photos detailing the final scenes of Antonio Vega. I guess this is farewell to Antonio and to Kamar who has been an on/off part of OLTL for 10 years. I used to love Antonio during the Antonio and Andy days and even really enjoyed him during the early Antonio and Jessica days, back when I could actually stand Jessica to some degree. Antonio never really got a fair shake after the breakup with Jessica, they put him Talia but never really did anything with them at all. I suppose this is also the end of the line for little Jaime too. It's too bad because Antonio and Kamar once were a major part of this show. Kamar is supposed to be back briefly to help with the exit of Beth Ann Bonner's Talia, so we will briefly see him again. I wish Kamar the best, thanks for the memories!

A little look back at Antonio

Couple Poll

Just a little poll, vote for your favorite couple choices are:


There is only 1 vote per IP Address, if you try to vote a second time, the poll will let you vote but will only count your first vote, all other votes will not be counted. The poll will be up for a couple days, so get your votes in.

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OLTL Fansites

Thanks to everyone who sent in links to their great OLTL sites. I am working on getting a look at them all and adding them to the blog, I have started by adding several links to some great OLTL fansites in the sidebar.

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One Life To Avoid (weekly commentary)

As I was browsing other message boards I realized that many, many fans are feeling the same way about OLTL's current state as I feel. Poster after poster, board after board, the opinions are nearly identical for the most part. Simply put, OLTL falling apart.

Ron Carlivati has proven that he can be a fantastic head writer at times and has had moments of brilliance, he has great SL ideas. The problem is, the storylines that are actually interesting and intriguing are dropped way too quickly and the ones that are hated are shoved down our throats for what seems like forever.


This little saga needed to end months ago and I am seriously amazed that anyone thinks its a good idea to continue this twisted mess of a storyline. There are many problems with this SL, the first being that there are too many players in this story that the viewers simply don't care about. There is a huge problem when the most interesting players in this story are two people who only got involved in this at the beginning of the year or shortly before. Tea and Wes; they are the only ones who are even worthy of watching at this point, and one of them is dead now.

Todd and Marty were wrong on every level, Todd and Blair have been destroyed beyond repair, John and Marty (were and) are laughable at best and Blair and John are mediocre at best. In translation, there are no rootable pairings here. If given a fair shake, I believe Todd and Blair can get back together and have the support of their fans as well. They are a once upon a time Mega-Couple and really they are the only two characters anyone even cares about in this SL anymore.

That Thing That Ate The Show!

What is so great about John McBain? I mean other than the actor playing him. Honestly I never found Michael Easton to be the "Daytime God" that some label him to be, in fact I find him very much overrated. Easton is a great actor when he wants to be for sure and he is easy on the eyes but beyond that he brings nothing to the show. Well besides the worst character on the show. Reading so many soap boards, I found that there is only ONE thing the general OLTL viewers hate more than they hate McBain, and that is the terrible pairing of Rex and Gigi. Back to McBain though. Just what is so great about him?

Lets face it, John McBain is that thing that ate the show. They throw woman after woman at him and basically destroy those characters all to make McBain look good and saintly, meanwhile the viewers hate him even more. Lets not forget Easton has had only 2 popular pairings out of the MANY woman they have thrown at him. Looking at the ratings it is also obvious that he is not the "ratings pull" he once was thought to be and from what I can see, his fanbase has also taken a major hit, though I blame that mostly on the character he is playing. John is a pig, no two ways about it. John is a pig, he uses woman, he makes his own rules as he goes, he broods endlessly, he is dark. It's all lather rinse and repeat with him. He can't or wont share his feelings, he barely ever emotes at all, he wants sex rather than a real relationship, he wont have any "talks," he is simply a pig. In real life not many woman would put up with the garbage that McBain pulls, no matter how "beautiful" his eyes are.

It's time TPTB realize that brooding is only sexy to a limit, and McBain reached that limit 3 years ago. Now it's just boring, annoying, repetitive and ff worthy, the character just devolves over and over. I am done watching them destroy beloved female characters at the alter of St. McBain the morose. I am just glad Natalie had the sense to drop is worthless butt and get away before he did any lasting damage.

Speaking of Lather, Rinse and Repeat!

Enough of the DID storylines! It's getting old and annoying and frankly it's an insult to the amazing talents of Erika Slezak. Erika defined the DID era on OLTL, she made it what it is and this endless parading of alter after alter coming out of Jessica just to screw with people is an insult to everything that era and Erika's stories stood for. Furthermore, it's plot driven garbage that no one cares to watch anymore.

Bree is a talented actress no doubt, but she is no Erika Slezak. Plus Bree is missing that one thing that is essential for all characters, a connection with the audience. Reading all these boards, I learned that though Bree and Jessica certainly have their fans, there really are not many "Jessica lovers" left out there and that is mainly due to Jessica's trampy relationship with Nash that most fans just never forgave her for. The problem I believe is that Bree never established that connection with the audience. She is a good actress but half the battle is relating to the viewers and THAT, Bree does not do at all. I don't feel anything for Jessica when I watch Bree act, I don't feel anything for her alters either. That is except for the big headache I get every time she is on screen, causing me to simply hit FF each time. TPTB still have not realized that shoving a character down our throats does that character no good when it is a character that is not too well liked to begin with. We all need a serious Jessica break and even more so we need her alters gone forever.

That Couple That Just Wont Go Away!

I realize that Rex and Gigi have had a nice little stint on the back burner, but I will go ahead and say what so many are still thinking. PLEASE BACK BURN REX AND GIGI AGAIN.

ABC's little "Lets shove Rex and Gigi down everyone's throat until they suffocate to death" campaign really worked a number on the viewers. Dear PTB, you CANNOT force a couple YOU love into super-couple-dom and make people love them, especially when there are many other couples that the viewers love so much more. Couples like David and Dorian, Jared and Natalie, Viki and Charlie, Bo and Nora, Todd and Blair and even Todd and Tea come to mind. So why are TPTB focused on shoving Rex and Gigi at us when they are not even half as loved as any of the above couples?
Balance is a beautiful thing, and Rex and Gigi would not be half as annoying if they were not on EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Speaking of bad couples, are Jessica and Brody not the most mind numbingly boring pair on this show? Their conversations are boring and repetitive and the actors suffer from a SEVERE lack of chemistry. Just because both actors are good looking that does not equate to chemistry. The sad part is before they made Brody painfully dull by pairing him with equally dull Jessica, he was actually entertaining, and what in the world happened to Mark Lawson's acting? I could not praise him enough for the scenes when Brody had his breakdown, he was fantastic. This is a whole other Mark Lawson, his scenes now lack emotion, lack facial expression and are simply boring and dull. Please powers-that-be. get Brody away from Jessica and make him watchable again.

Love In The Afternoon!

How about a return to love in the afternoon? You know that thing that viewers will always tune in for.

Maybe a big, fancy soap style wedding for Jared and Natalie followed by a well written new storyline. I realize that Jared and Natalie had their turn of months on the front burner but this is a pair that is actually very popular and they deserve a storyline of their own after being stuck in dullard Jessica hell for too long. More importantly, their fans deserve it.

Another thought, get rid of some of these useless characters no one cares for (ie, Lola, Stacy, Layla, Fish, Kyle, and so on) and bring back Lindsay. I remember her, she was actually popular. Maybe Bo, Nora and Lindsay can have another turn at making each other miserable. Even Clint and Nora will do, anything is better than watching the endless Rex and Gigi are true love garbage or the headache inducing parading of Jessica and her annoying alters.

Todd needs redemption too, maybe he can do that through Blair and his kids, or eve Tea and his kids.

What about Viki and Charlie? When was the last time they were on screen, NOT dealing with the messes created by annoying Jessica?

Basically OLTL has all the pieces to put on a great show everyday but for whatever reason they choose to showcase the characters and couples we just don't care about. One can only hope things will change here.

Until next time. . .

Upcoming Events

Many OLTL Stars are attending the Broadway Cares event on March 9, 2009.

Attendees include: Kristen Alderson, Melissa Archer, John Brotherton, Kathy Brier, Brandon Buddy, Scott Clifton, Kassie DePaiva, Farah Fath, David Fumero, Brian Kerwin, Mark Lawson, John Paul Lavoisier, Hillary B Smith, Tika Sumpter, Jason Tam and Brittany Underwood.

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