Monday, March 9, 2009

Just Another Week In Llanview (Weekly Commentary)

Let me start by saying a big thank you to everyone who commented on the last commentary post and for the many many e-mails I received about the blog. I am so glad to see that so many people are reading the blog even though it's pretty new.
On to the show. I have to admit that once again most of the week was just full of FF material for me, seems someone still has not realized that if the show revolves around the same 7 characters it becomes really boring, really fast. It's even worse when most viewers don't care about at least half of those 7 characters.

Psycho Killer on The Loose!

I admit it, I FF'd all the John and Blair scenes prior to Blair's stabbing, something about John McBain is just nauseating, could be that he is a pig. Honestly though, I know I went into detail last week about how much John McBain needs to be put out of the viewers' misery so I wont go there again but I will say this, NO WOMAN should have to suffer through being with John McBain. Especially not a fan fave like Blair. From what I could gather with all that FF-ing, is that Blair dumped John apparently, or at least was trying to "wash" herself of him. Good for Blair, I only wish it would last but I know better.
Blair getting stabbed was one of the most bloody scenes I have watched in a soap in a long time. Very well done, really. It was like something right out of a "Psycho" movie. I can imagine the different things that will happen from this, the affects on Todd, Jack, Sam, Dorian and Starr. THIS is what I want to see. It will surely create drama and good drama at that.
What I don't want to see is John going back into "detective" mode and trying to crack the case. First off, he is no longer a cop and second he was never a very good cop to begin with, in fact he was pretty terrible at it. He has no business being at the crime scene. Really this has always been a big problem I had with John, besides the obvious annoying brooding and self-loathing garbage that he calls a personality. He is so indecisive, it just makes me want to throw something at the TV. Make up your mind, do you want to be a useless cop or a useless bar owner, either way I have no use for him and wish he would just go away already, enough of this show has been destroyed thanks to McBain.

Speaking of Useless Characters!
Why are we being put through this nonsense with Stacy? Better question, is there anyone out there who gives a squat about Stacy? I remember Crystal Hunt from her GL days and she is a decent enough actress, but this character is completely useless and a terrible character. It does not help that she is inserted into another storyline that is not exactly what I call a "good" or even liked storyline. ABC obviously did not learn from the last time the shoved Rex and Gigi down every one's throats, this time around is not really making ANYONE (that did not like them already) like Rex and Gigi more. In fact, Rex and Gigi are still as annoying as they were back then.

Finally Some Improvement!

While I and many others cannot stand Rex and Gigi, I have to admit that the big accident this week was not only a good move but it will create a ton of GOOD stuff to watch. Maybe now they will just give Marty her memory back and stop this train wreck that has been her annoying life lately.

I am more interested on the Matthew angle though. This is going to be good. Depending on what exactly happens to Matthew, I am sure Nora will have a fit when she learns Cole was drugged up when he decided to go for a little joy ride. I can imagine her going nuts on Marty and Cole. Really part of this is Marty's fault, if she wasn't so busy shacking up with strangers she could have found time to actually be a mother.

Another great thing coming from this is that Bo and Nora are sure to turn to each other during this time, it is their son. I would love to see something come of this, it does not have to be a romance, I just would like to see something other than the endless John/Blair/Marty/Todd/Rex/Gigi/Jessica garbage, and it does not hurt that Bo and Nora are actually beloved characters on this show.

The Baby Drama!
I must say, the only time I find Rex tolerable these days is in scenes with Roxy and with Natalie. I enjoyed the Rex and Natalie scenes. I think Rex and Natalie's relationship always has been and always will be very special and I hope it stays that way because I appreciate that they are always there for one another when they ask each other for help. So now Natalie knows that Bess was at the Hospital that night and not Tess and I imagine that she is going to tell Jared all about this. One thing is for sure Natalie will NOT give up on this now and she should not. Something tells me Natalie and Jared are about to learn the truth really quickly and I cant even imagine what will happen then.
Despite everything that has happened, both Natalie and Jessica really do want their old relationship back and it has to be tough to decide what to do with this kind of information. Does Natalie tell Jessica that her kid is dead (and it is Jessica's own fault by the way)? It's an impossible situation to be in so I suppose whatever Natalie does its going to be right and wrong. Not telling is wrong because Starr deserves to know the truth and at the same time telling will break her pathetically weak sister Jessica. Personally I wish she would just say it because if that gets Jessica back into St. Ann's and off my TV then I am all for it but this is a soap and I know that this secret will linger for months, though on screen it will just be days or weeks. Either way, this is one of the few storylines that I am actually interested in and its not because of Jessica but rather because of Starr and Natalie.
Once again thanks for reading!


  1. Another great post, I agree with the Blair Stabbing scene, it was so well done. I could not believe all the blood everywhere.

    Stacy has to be one the most annoying characters in a LONG time

  2. I agree with almost everything.

  3. Good post. OLTL was pretty boring for me too